Technical Goals for 2018

Benjamin Filippi Tech Director

Read on to hear from our 2018 Tech Director Ben Filippi, his thoughts on the 2017 package and what’s next for UOW Motorsport.

“2017 brought a revolution. Last campaign we saw UOW Motorsport not only move away from the outdated and venerable CBR600rr package, but also a ground-up development of a new internal combustion vehicle, and the introduction and progression of the team’s first-ever electric vehicle. Both are huge tasks in their own right, yet in a wave of ambition and inspiration, and fuelled by 2016’s victory, UOW Motorsport took on both challenges and produced two outstanding vehicles within a restricted time frame and with limited resources. Credit to the team for pulling this together.


“The results of 2017 IC competition are proof that with some tweaking and tuning, our new IC package will be formidable. Meanwhile, all the groundwork for a successful EV platform has been laid. We feel another 12 months over the 2018 campaign will give us time to iron out accumulator issues, allow for testing and tuning of powertrain, reconfigure packaging and chassis, and develop suitable brakes and unsprung, and suspension. With a hardworking team and two strong vehicle platforms, UOW Motorsport will aim to achieve a goal of the 1st place in both IC and EV categories in the 2018 competition. We need to work hard, and efficiently, over the next year in order to make that happen.


“Now onto the part that you’re probably here for. The 2018 IC car will continue to use a WR450 on a 10-inch wheel platform. The vehicle is comprised of a tubular space frame chassis with double A-arm wishbone suspension and wire-cut aluminium uprights. A new 3D printed air intake to improve power and torque band locations and a new titanium exhaust will also be incorporated into the engine package. The EV vehicle will continue to use dual EMRAXX 188 motors and custom in-house designed planetary gearboxes with integrated brake callipers. The accumulator will produce 400v at 200A using a bank of Samsung 18650 Cells. The vehicle will also be manufactured with a tubular space-frame chassis and use wire cut aluminium uprights on a 13-inch wheel platform. A custom dash, VCU, pedal-box, data logging and a multitude of other custom PCB’s will be integrated into the vehicle improving the usability and functionality of the systems.

The 2018 campaign is going to be one of our biggest yet, but the knowledge and drive within the team keep us motivated towards our goal of first place in both primary categories. Both of the vehicles are technically strong, and with thorough testing, they will be formidable on the track. Looking forward to seeing you all down in Melbourne!



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