Let’s Get Down to Business.

Now on the blog, hear from our 2018 Business Director Anthony Dawson on the progress of the division this year;

Anthony Dawson Business Director

“Within the past year, we have seen a great degree of growth and optimization in the Business Division and the UOW Motorsport Team. For the future, we plan to maintain this trend while also expanding our efforts across other systems within the business division, and are proud to launch new marketing and finance systems. The introduction of these new systems along with the growth over the division as a whole has allowed us to expand into new areas, optimise the way we operate, and explore new ideas.

“The Business Division’s first big project was the complete redesign of our recruitment processes. To ensure new members had all the skills for the team’s success, but more importantly, individual success for the future, an eight-week program was established. This program tested new recruits individual and team-working skills through two assessments, the latter of which they presented to a lecture room full of past, current and new team members. The concepts and research that was explored and presented were of an exceptional level making us very proud to welcome the first group of new members to our 2018 team. Over the course of the following months, we were happy to run a second intake of new recruits, and we are pleased to announce we are currently conducting our third and predictably final intake for 2018. A mammoth effort from our HR system, and credit to HR manager Ashleigh Dawson!


“The next big focus for the team was our comradery and mateship; an internal focus. It takes a large group of dedicated members to build two striking Formula SAE cars, and we want to reward them for their hard work while also encouraging the social aspect being part of an extra-curricular university activity. In an attempt to build life-long bonds within the team, our members have consistently attended weekly trivia nights, monthly team dinners, and monthly team adventures through the local Illawarra region. This is only in addition to the daily hang-out in our Design Room which provides a retreat for our members to chat about university, life, and of course race cars (also to do productive work)! We want to build a smaller entity within the Wollongong community and a safe haven for our team members to be a part of.


“This year has made it clear that one of the busiest systems within business is our media team. With the three main goals of 2018 being consistency, quality and engagement, our media team has strived for the best online presence and content aggregation possible. Through our highly engaged channels of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our new Linked In profile; we have ensured that our sponsors, supporters, and followers are kept up to date with everything we are doing as it happens, and provided a new outlet for team members to utilise their experience for employment opportunities. With a heightened importance on media, we have also increased our media offerings to our sponsors through case studies, videos, and alternative one-off media pieces featured on our sponsors’ digital media platforms. We also launched our completely redesigned website and blog to improve our accessibility to our followers and engage with them on a personal level.

“I am very privileged to be a part of such a dedicated and active business division in 2018. I am proud of what we have already achieved so far in 2018 and am excited to show you what we have coming in the following months. Stay tuned!”

Anthony Dawson

Business Director

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