UOW College x UOW Motorsport

Throughout the years, the University of Wollongong has been gifted with many outstanding students, in particular, those that make their way through UOW College. We are grateful to be partnered with the College again in 2018 and to be given the opportunity to access this pool of intelligence. They enable hundreds of students each and every year develop important skills in critical thinking before their transition into University, and we are beyond proud to be a part of this leap into the next part of their futures.


We are honoured to have the opportunity to work with UOW College again in 2018, helping them welcome fresh-faced college students each year. We aim to follow in the College’s footsteps by educating and developing these graduates’ skills further, giving them opportunities to extend their knowledge in engineering, manufacturing, business and race development, fostering an environment for them to ascend the ranks within the team.


The Colleges’ endless support has allowed our team to flourish with new members every year. We have had several outstanding students join us along the way to help us design, manufacture, and manage this large-scale, student project, including Will Ingalis; a new member to join UOW Motorsport in 2018. Will is completing a Diploma in Engineering through the College and has been instrumental in the design and implementation of the steering system design this year. His work with us is contributing to his understanding of classroom theory, through hands-on practice in problem-solving, design, and manufacture, while his studies are supported by the College through extra consultation hours for each subject, and exam-focused help sessions. This combination is allowing him to thrive and excel in his studies, part of a much larger cohort of University students. Will is a valuable asset in the workshop and is always available to help other members out to complete the tasks they are working on.

2018 saw the addition of up and coming media member, Lachlan Doherty who has since completed his studies at the College. Staying on with the team throughout his transition from the College to the University, his technical prowess of media production has assisted our Business Division in creating quality video content over the past year, contributing to the growth of our online presence.


Our previous race director, Scott Robinson, was a testament to the calibre of students that have become an integral part of our team and story. Originating from the College, Scott was the previous director of the Race Division, and his commitment and knowledge of his field were invaluable to our past success.

UOW College is responsible for gifting a new generation of bright-minded students with the opportunity to take part in something special as they take a big step towards the next chapter of their lives, and we would like to sincerely thank UOW College for partnering with us again in 2018, enabling us to engage with, and give back to, a program that has supported us through many years.

Composed by Kris Christou + Produced by Claudia Muller


UOW College Shorthand Landscape - Black


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