Team Drive Day 2021

Our first track day of 2021 was our annual Team Drive Day at Sydney Motorsport Park where we get our team behind the wheel of our past vehicles as a reward for all of their hard work over the past year. 2020 was a year like no other and we couldn’t wait to let off some steam and recognise all of the contributions made by our members.

This year we took two of our old friends to track, rebuilding our 2018 IC car, ‘Susie’ to accompany our 2019 EV car, ‘Stacie’. We love our electric cars, but it was great hearing the roar of our IC car once again. Wheels were spinning, hearts were racing, and times were being set. With the support of Sydney Motorsport Park and the ARDC, the team flew around the track. It was a fantastic day for our team, and we can’t wait to get back to track very soon.

Hear what our team had to say:

Blake, a 2020 Media Recruit got his first glimpse of life as a driver:

“As the first time driving the car it was incredibly fun and thrilling. There was a substantial difference between driving the two cars, but both were an absolute blast! I can’t wait to drive again soon and hopefully become a driver at comp.”

Jed, our 2021 Drivetrain Manager used the opportunity to let off some steam:

“It was an awesome experience to let rip and get to experience the results of our hard work within the team.”

Bayden, our 2021 Race Director got to experience the differences between our past IC and EV cars:

“It was fantastic to get to drive both. We really got to feel the differences between electric and petrol!”

Liam, the team’s Mechanical Coordinator for 2021, also enjoyed getting both cars out for the day:

“It was great to have both cars running all day and have a fun day with the team.”

It was a great day for the team and we would like to again say a massive thank you to Sydney Motorsport Park (, The Australian Racing Drivers’ Club (, and The University of Wollongong for their continued support.


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