Team Update!

Track Day 17/02

Wednesday’s track day was a fantastic opportunity for the team to trial a new method for operating track days and dial in our 2019 vehicle after a refresh of our suspension components. After a quick shakedown, we put the communication between our drivers and engineers to the test, dialling in the rebuilt dampers using suspension displacement data and to make necessary adjustments.

Throughout the rest of the day’s sessions, the car’s handling was adjusted to suit the drivers’ preferences by experimenting with suspension geometry, spring rates, wheel alignment and weight bias. The day showed great progress as we dropped our lap times by 4 seconds compared to the initial shakedown. Our aim is to take knowledge and data from this day in order streamline our process of vehicle setup between events to optimise our performance at the FSAE-A competition later in the year. Once again, we would like to thank ARDC and Sydney Motorsport Park for their fantastic hospitality and access to their incredible facilities.

Once again, we would like to thank the ARDC and Sydney Motorsport Park for their fantastic hospitality and access to their incredible facilities.

O-Week and Clubs Day

Our next big event was the O-Week festival on campus where we got to meet and interact with a number of new faces around the university. These were an exciting few days for the new students of the University of Wollongong as they acquainted themselves with the university and were exposed to all the opportunities within it. We took both Stacie and Susie out and even braved the weather for the last day which provided Susie with a much-needed wash – things get dusty in the workshop!

We joined all the other clubs this past Wednesday for Clubs Day – an on-campus event run by the UOW Pulse team as an opportunity for students to find out about, and join the various clubs within UOW. O-Week and Clubs day are our biggest recruiting events of the year. We get the chance to speak with so many new students and tell them about our team – and we love showing off our cars, they’re a real conversation starter.

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