Racing into the new year

Track Day 7/1/2022

Our first track day of the new year provided the team an opportunity to run tests on our car and get a few of our drivers back behind the wheel after our Christmas break. It was a quiet day on the track, as many of our members are still on holidays, but we never miss an opportunity to get out to Sydney Motorsport Park!

The main goal of the track day was to get the team back and focusing after our time away and collect data on the car so we could make any necessary adjustments before we head down to Winton next month for our annual Formula SAE-A competition.

A minor issue with a battery was quickly fixed and we were able to give our drivers time navigating a figure 8 track and getting comfortable with how the car handles the tight turns required for the skid pad event. The weather was the most uncertain thing about the day, a good sign for the car and it’s drivers, with the rain clearing for the afternoon to give us a chance to collect data for both wet and dry conditions. Some of us were particularly happy the rain held out…

“Someone check the radar again, I don’t want it to rain again” – Brandon Shaw, Tech Director.

It was an awesome day for the team and we would like to say a massive thank you to Sydney Motorsport ParkThe Australian Racing Drivers’ Club, and The University of Wollongong for their continued support.


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