Driver training, driver training and more driver training

Track day 10/1/2022

On another hot and sunny day we did some more driver training in the lead up to comp, this training was essential for our driver selection process and to ensure that each of our drivers was confident on every event in case things did not go to plan. The track day was our 2022 Race Engineering Manager’s second track day with the club so it was a great learning opportunity for her to see how the track days are managed and to gain more confidence.

We started the day with endurance, pushing both the car and 2 of our drivers to their limits. With both drivers feeling the heat and the car running out of charge, it was time to put the car on charge and have lunch. Following this we were able to run through autocross for more of our drivers and give our newest driver more time in the car to gain more confidence.

Overall the day was great with the track being a great comp simulation and left our team and drivers confident that they’d be ready.

It was an awesome day for the team and we would like to say a massive thank you to Sydney Motorsport ParkThe Australian Racing Drivers’ Club, and The University of Wollongong for their continued support.


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