Sunny days on track

Track Day 14th Jan 2022

On this day, we were again graced with warm sunny weather for another day of driver training. The goal for today was to put our other two potential drivers through an endurance event and auto cross runs. On arrival to the skid-pan, we promptly got the track set up and Stacie ready to run for the day. We measured out our track and calculated the required laps to meet the 22km endurance running distance. We then commenced with driver training, 12 laps for each driver with a driver swap in between followed by a quick charge of Stacie.

After the car was recharged the second part of the driver training begun, we ran all our drivers through Stacie in an autocross event which consisted of two stop start laps. Following this, we then spent the 2nd third of our day continuing with autocross events until Stacie needed a recharge. The last third of our day was then spent running our then selected endurance drivers through another endurance event. Afterwards we packed up for the day.

It was an awesome day for the team and we would like to say a massive thank you to Sydney Motorsport Park, The Australian Racing Drivers’ Club, and The University of Wollongong for their continued support.


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