UOW College Australia Livery Competition


Design the UOW Motorsport new car shell wrap to have your creativity on the new car! This competition is only open to UOW College Australia students.


Thank you for taking the time to help us design our 2021 car livery!

Our livery is one of the biggest parts of the car and is the finishing touch to a year-long project of many, many hours and hard work. This is the final step before we head off to compete against the other universities so we need to be looking our best and need to make our University and sponsors proud. 

Your task is to take the blank template provided below and get creative. You’re welcome to scroll through our website or Facebook page to see what we have done in previous years but remember, we want to be different each year.


Due: Friday 30th October 2020, 5pm.


This is completely up to you. If you have skills in software like Solidworks, Photoshop, or Illustrator then we would love for you to show off your skills. If you are better with an old school pencil and paper then that is great as well.

But first, save a copy of our blank livery template designs and the UOW College Australia LOGO!


Things to consider

  • Our UOW Motorsport team colours are dark blue, red & white. We may accept alternate colours if there is an interesting reason behind the colour choices.
  • This is a race car, it needs to look great both up close and out on the track.
  • These are the main platforms we use to advertise for our sponsors (however we have different size logos):
    • 3 Large logo
    • 5 Medium logo
    • 2 Small logo
    • (NOTE: the center of the nose cone is for competition sponsors)

Here is an example:UOW Motorsport 2019 Livery (1)


Once you are happy with your design please email to: aad921@uowmail.edu.au

We are looking forward to seeing your ideas!