For the late stages of our 2021 driver selection campaign, we visited Sydney Motorsport Park for double header, back-to-back days of time trials. Prospective drivers were put under the pump and showed off what they had.

Day one was either a driver’s nightmare or delight. Rain soaked the track, making for a highly entertaining day. Taking both cars to maximise track time for our drivers, both our 2019 EV and 2018 IC put on a show. Times were close with the top 6 drivers posting average lap times within 1 second of each other in the less-than-ideal conditions. This gave our data and race engineers the challenge to find each driver’s weaknesses and provide feedback to improve their times.

Day two saw a huge change in conditions. A hot and dry day pushed our cooling system to its limit. The new cooling layout and accumulator were strained, however none more so than the drivers. Pushing out massive 46 lap stints in the highly technical layout at the Sydney Motorsport park skid-pan, a grand total of 6 cones lost their lives to the Hoosier tyres over a total of 276 laps. Again, times were close and more impressively, they were quick out of the gate.

Our driver selectors were given a hard job but it breathes confidence for a great result in 2021. We are sure that we will present a highly competitive car this year and with large number of high performing drivers, we are excited to extract every millisecond from the car. 

It was an awesome set of days for the team and we would like to again say a massive thank you to Sydney Motorsport Park, The Australian Racing Drivers’ Club, and The University of Wollongong for their continued support.


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