Seventeen years of engineering design and innovation.

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The Formula SAE competition is an international event hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers, (SAE). The competition requires the next generation of engineering professionals to design and build an open wheel, formula-style race car.

The culmination of the project occurs when each team takes their car to the regional event, where teams are pitted against other local and international teams in a series of both static and dynamic events, including design, cost, acceleration, one lap sprints and endurance events on an auto-cross style track.

Worldwide there are 8 competitions held each year, one for south-east Asia, held in Melbourne, Australia as well as events held in Japan, Europe, Brazil and the United States. The Australasian competition has been running since 2000 and attracts approximately 30 teams. FSAE is an amazing opportunity for university students to obtain first-hand experience in project management, teamwork, critical decision making, budget management, application of complex real engineering techniques, and hands-on manufacturing of a high-performance racing car. The project is managed and run entirely by students, and is not possible without the support of our sponsors.

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